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Preserving History


Mr. Ken Smith and Mrs. Frances Smith present a copy of the production”Ingalls the Early Years” to Mr. Irwin F. Edenzon, President, Ingalls Shipbuilding. The presentation was at MGCCC Jackson County Campus on Tuesday July, 9th. 2013. The production was produced in co-operation with MGCCC archivist Charles Sullivan by WKFK TV-7. WKFK is proud to have been a part of this important preservation of Ingalls and Jackson County History. We would like to thank MGCCC’s President Dr. Mary Graham for helping to make this possible.


Left to Right. Mr. Charles Sullivan, Archivist MGCCC, Mr. Irwin F. Edenzon, President, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Dr. Mary Graham, President, MGCCC